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Re: CDs won't boot, give a failed crc, or don't give a menu

Joey Hess wrote:

>David Liontooth wrote:
>>OK, I tried that -- wget
>>Fails. Boots to the welcome screen, I press return, reads the compressed
>>image, and gives a crc error. On two very different machines. That's my
>>sixth coaster.
>>Debian doesn't seem to have a working boot CD anywhere.  I guess I'll do
>>a debootstrap.
>Except that this CD was extensively tested before release and generally
>works for everyone else.
>You have a hardware or a software problem with them machines you are
>using for burning or booting.
>PS: When reporting problems, it's useful to give actual error messages.
>    Saying you have "a crc error" is useless.
Hi Joey,

You're right, as you'll see later in the thread, I discovered the crc
error was caused by one of my burners (I still don't know why). The crc
error was all there was on the screen, and it seems reasonably
informative -- it simply means the image was burned incorrectly. It took
me a while to figure that out.

That said, after successfully burning the Sarge network installer CD,
the installation itself failed, I posted detailed error messages (thanks
to the neat new network console feature), tried for a couple of hours to
work around it, reluctantly gave up, and had to boot from a potato CD. 

I appreciate all your hard work on this and love Debian, all power to
you. I was just taken by surprise that it was so  difficult to install a
modern Debian on my very common if now legacy machine, the  Dell
Optiplex GX1 -- in the end I had to just give up on sarge. Once I
installed potato, with no serious hitches, I had just the usual issues
upgrading to sid and the machine runs like a dream.

You give whatever support and improvements you have time for, I'm just
letting you guys know the CDs didn't work for me, even though I
persisted for something like ten hours, all through the night. In the
last couple of hours, as morning broke, I reverted to Potato and got the
job done -- not elegant exactly, but at least it worked.


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