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Re: the amd-64 jidgo IMAGES are wrong!

> What mirror/path did you use?
I tried many, most among the IT list.
Some of them are:

About paths, I don't know, I pasted them from the jigdo IT list. This is
my second jigdo download and I have not understood that the path was
relevant, I was supposing that it was automatically selected in some way
(e.g. from my copy 'n paste)

> All primary amd64 mirrors do have /debian and /debian-amd64, secondary
> mirrors only have /debian-amd64 (which makes them secondary). The only
> differece is that /debian-amd64 contains symlinks for all files common
> with debian. This reduces mirror space by some 18Gb.
Maybe it started finding these common files, so I didn't noticed the "path
absence" from the beginning of my downloads.

Now I have burned the 2 DVD (images have the right MD5SUM :-)
I hope to retire my current mandrake 10.1 and run these new debian on my
AMD64 :-))


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