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Re: Artwork

On Sunday 17 July 2005 01:22, Marek Kubica wrote:
> Yeah, I've got already a version with it, but I don't know about the
> license. I've found three documents:

Ouch! Way to complicated. Just make one without a DVD logo, that way CD 
users's can also use your cover if they want to.

> I've made another version, instead of the "DVD" text there is the DVD
> logo from the Gartoon Icons.

I'd love to see it, has it been posted yet?

> I know. But I don't know any text to put there :( You could suggest
> some..

Crumbs! That's a lot harder than I thought. I haven't been able to think up 
anything original. I'll have to get back to you about that...

Ideas I've had bouncing around in my head are URL's for any relivent FAQ 
pages, the debian-user list and MD5SUM hashes and how to use them.

> Erm.. that is getting a little bit difficult as it wasn't made with
> Gimp.. let's see how good the import filters are.

If you don't mind I could also disassemble it on my side. It would help 
though, if you could tell me about any third party parts and the fonts used.

> To be honest, I have never seen a UniKeep case so it would be nice if
> you could give me some informations about these.

I'll have to look them up again.

All the best.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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