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Re: Artwork


On Sat, 16 Jul 2005 22:33:32 +0200
roach <robert_spencer@mighty.co.za> wrote:

> - Use a small official DVD logo
Yeah, I've got already a version with it, but I don't know about the
license. I've found three documents:
But.. I don't want to send some papers to Japan just to get a permission
I've made another version, instead of the "DVD" text there is the DVD
logo from the Gartoon Icons.

> - A blurb on the back with useful info would be good
I know. But I don't know any text to put there :( You could suggest

> - release the source in XCF
Erm.. that is getting a little bit difficult as it wasn't made with
Gimp.. let's see how good the import filters are.

> I'd suggest a copy for UniKeep(tm) cases as well, but unfortunately
> they're  not available here. Suse's CD's and DVD's look quite good in
> one, it would be  nice to have a Debian version.
To be honest, I have never seen a UniKeep case so it would be nice if
you could give me some informations about these.


PS: Answers, as previously, please cc to me.

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