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Re: How to -- debian distribution CD...

I've been working around debian-cd, and it's probably your program. 

Hardly all you must to know it's here:
  http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianInstaller (at 18:50 the link is
broken!, this morning it was working...)

You will be especially interested in this sections: DebianCustomCD and
ModifyImage. In my case, i have follow point per point DebianCustomCD
(I'm working in a debian derivate).

A quick reference:

- download the debian installer image (i recommend the last one stable
netinst, actually d-i rc2).

- install it in a prototype system, and add all the programs you want to
include on the cd. Well, really you don't need to install the programs,
you cand do something like:
  apt-get install -d program1 program2.... (this downloads the packages
without installing)
Don't clean /var/cache/apt/archives !!! here you need to keep the .deb's

- copy all the contents of the cd to your hard-disk

- now you have to syncronize your /var/cache/apt/archives with the pool/
of the cd. I've used apt-move for this task:
configure /etc/apt-move.conf and execute  apt-move fsck && apt-move

- At this step you have a pool/ with all the packages you want, you have
to generate your "packages" and "releases" files, it's pretty well
documented at the wiki.

- Now copy the folder backup/dist/sarge/main/intaller-i386/ to the
dist/sarge/main/installer/. The folder backup it's created automatically
when you run "apt-move fsck".

- Now, you have to install debian-cd and...

  - go to /usr/share/debian-cd/
  - edit CONF.sh
  - load to the envairoment the variables:  ". CONF.sh"
  - make distclean (it cleans your temporal directory)
  - make mirrorcheck (it checks that dependencies of your mirror is ok)
  - make status (it should write nothing in your screen)
  - make make bin-list TASK=tasks/yourtask COMPLETE=1  (your task is a
file wich list all the programs you want to include on your cd)
  - make bootable
  - make bin-images

I know that's it's a quick and dirty (dirty, dirty) reference... if you
are intereseted read the wiki and ask all you want :-)

Carlos P.C.

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