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How to -- debian distribution CD...

We would like to know if there is any way by which we can create an debian distro ISO which contains packages of our choice.
On debian site there r basically 2 ways defined:
1.Downloading the whole ISO (650 MB) using jigdo or bittorrent.
But the problem is jigdo downloads only standard available ISOs on mirrors.What we want is the customization in the number of and kind of packages present in the ISO.We cananot make a CD set of our own choice in this method.(Can we??)
2.Using net install.
Well we got the basic minimal ISO from woody(186 MB).
But is this supposed to be a live CD ?? or a distribution installer CD??
Is the file structure of debian installer CD any different from any other live CDs??
I guess we can get the additional packages we want from the net,after installing this minimal ISO.But the problem is,how then,do we convert the whole thing into an ISO that we want.

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