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Re: How to -- debian distribution CD...

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 01:01:35AM -0800, TIFR students wrote:
> I guess we can get the additional packages we want from the net,after 
> installing this minimal ISO.But the problem is,how then,do we convert 
> the whole thing into an ISO that we want.

You got some hints from others. I would like to add another

Some lines from `apt-cache show dfsbuild`

 Debian From Scratch (DFS) is a live bootable CD that is designed to
 provide a fully-featured kernel and a fully-featured rescue environment.
 The rescue environment contains filesystem tools, editors, C development
 environment, etc.
 dfsbuild is the program used to create the DFS CD image.  It is highly
 configurable and can be used to create other custom bootable CD or DVD
 images.  You can use dfsbuild to do something as simple as building a
 DFS CD with a custom kernel.  Or, you can customize the CD to include a
 completely different set of packages.
 dfsbuild works by obtaining packages from your nearest Debian mirror.
 It will generate an ISO image that contains a bootable Debian system
 generated by installing those packages.  Also, it can place all the .debs
 and files needed by cdebootstrap in the image.  Thus, the
 generated image can be used to install the base Debian system on a PC as


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