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Re: Debian Sarge/testing cdimages

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 23:54, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> > about the unofficial CD images from Sarge/testing on
> > ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/
> I wonder why does people still use the ftp.fsn.hu testing images instead of
> the official ones, I mean, they were of a big help for people upgrading to
> testing in the past, but now that we have official images... do they still
> make sense?

It is obvious ;-) The keyword here is *rsync* !
I know that having rsync daemon on gluck does not depend on you, but I have 
never got a clue of its admins about the reasons against rsync. Another 
solution is to upload the images on a (debian.org) machine with running rsync 

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