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Re: Interesting thought

At 07:41 AM 2/17/2004, Robert wrote:
I am a first time user want to be,. I went to the page for the downloads to select what I wanted to download, problem is there are many files to download (approx 20 files, most with .template and . jigdo).

It does help to read the instructions.

Do I want to download all of these files? How would I know, being a first time user, what I "want" to download? <http://us.cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/3.0_r2/jigdo/i386/>http://us.cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/3.0_r2/jigdo/i386/

That depends ....

Is this method just too advanced for people new to Linux?

Not at all. The authors of the instructions are not native speakers of English (or they're geeky) and everything is there ... terse, but there.

Regards, Gordon

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