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Re: Dialy net cd's, what's the differnece


> Why is there a 10-8 CD and then a Daily dir?

I believe I explained this in a mail to the list when it was created, the
daily dir will be holding the daily builds, and the daily builds will be
moved manually to .. (where the 10-8 CD is) when we feel that it is better
than the previous version held there. This setup was made to that when
things break in debian-installer so that the daily images don't work, we
still have some old "working" ones around.

> Is the 10-8 known to work?

More or less, you can install with them, even though there are a lot of
bugs, I did a netinst using it this weekend at a party in front of 700
people and I was able to finish the install ;-) However I cannot tell you
about the lvm install :-( I guess testing is the best way to know }:-)

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