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[joeyh@debian.org: Bug#215469: don't include unnecessary udebs on the cd]


I just got this bug. It looks like we aren't smart enough about the
selection of udebs to include on the CD ...

The initial idea was to include them all so that all install scenario
can happen but it looks like there are udebs which are useless since
they are simple "file repositories" for d-i.

And the list is getting so big, that it doesn't make sense to include
everything for netinst & business card CD.

I think we need to update the script that generates the task files which
lists udebs. Santiago ? 

The first step is probably just to have exclusion list/pattern used by
tools/generate_di_list and/or tools/generate_di+k_list ...

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Package: debian-cd
Severity: normal

The businesscard and netinst cd images at
http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/i386/ are bigger than
they need to be. partly because they include such useless things as


This contains only a kernel, in a form users cannot use, and that the
installer will only waste a lot of memory loading into its initrd after
it has already booted.


All d-i images already come with the appropriate busybox udeb installed
on the image.


If the installer can find these on the CD, it does not need them.


These are probably useless, d-i boot images include at least one
cdebconf frontend.

Etc. I'm sure you could save a *lot* of space by working with the d-i
team to whittle down the udebs on the cd images to a set that is
appropriate for the purpose of the CD. As it is these images are getting
too big to be useful.

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see shy jo

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