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Problem with Hard Disc Detection installing Debian Linux

I have been unsuccessful in installing the current version of Debian Linux downloaded from the UK Mirror.
The CD boots and asks for confirmation of the Keyboard type after I specify a "vanilla" installation.  Then the installation program tells me that it cannot detect the hard disc on the system and asks for a floppy.
The hard disc which is currently working with Windows 98 is an IDE disc that came as standard with this Gateway PC (500 MHz Pentium)
The BIOS is PheonixBios 4W4SB0X0.15A.0013.P08 (Version 4.0 Release 6.0)
The BIOS setup screen says that the Primary IDE Controller is set to "None" and appears to be in some sort of "Auto" detect mode.  This puzzles me somewhat.
Obviously I am something of a beginner so can you advise me how to overcome this?

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