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changes to debian-cd and the cdimage daily build of netinst images


Yesterday night I commited some changes to debian-cd and did some changes to
the daily build of netinst images.

The changes I did to debian-cd consisted of moving yaboot data (yaboot.conf
and boot.msg to the specific release subdir where they belonged, this is
from data/yaboot to data/$CODENAME/yaboot, I also changed boot-powerpc for
potato and woody, the only files affected by this change. I still have not
removed the moved files but if nobody complains I'll do that tomorrow,
leaving only ofboot.b which is common to all releases till now at
data/yaboot. I also have added the boot-powerpc script and the files for
yaboot we are using now for sarge at gluck, we are still missing some
subarches there though. Comments on these changes are welcome.

You may have already seen the changes to the daily build of netinst cds at
gluck, the thing is that we are building the daily cds at
http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/$ARCH/daily/ while we
maintain a "good" copy of old images at
http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/$ARCH/ where "good" means
that its debian installer is not too broken and is supposed to be working
quite well, the daily images can work even better, but may also not work at
all, this may be the case right now, we'll be moving the images from daily
to .. when we have reports of them working more or less like the old ones.

Well, guess that's all.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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