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Re: Sarge-Installation: dpkg: error processing

Martin Sjögren <md9ms@mdstud.chalmers.se> writes:

> I bet, udebs (like udpkg, rootskel,...) aren't meant to be installed on
> a normal Debian system.
> > rootskel template parse error: Template #7 in /tmp/template.2.7.910 doesn't cont 
> > in a 'Template:' line
> > dpkg: error processing
> > Errors were encountered while processing:
> > /cdrom//pool/main/c/cdebconf/cdebconf_udeb_0.41_i386.udeb (e.g.)
> > E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
> > Some errors occured while unpacking.
> > Only errors above this message are important.
> > Please fix them and run Install (dselect) again.
> It seems to me like apt-cdrom interacts really badly with a CD that has
> both debs and udebs on it... Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Am I right to assume anna and libdebian-installer will ignore pining?
Then it should be easy to add a pin of <100 to the udebs keeping them
from ever being installed automatically.


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