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Re: jigdo files for sid-dvd

Thanks for uploading the sid jigdo file!

On Wednesday, 28. May 2003 10:53, you wrote:
> > I was able to download sid-i386-1.iso and to mount it via loopback. I
> > compared the checksum:
> >  $ md5sum -c md5sum.txt
> > and got
> > ...
> > attempt to access beyond end of device
> > 07:00 rw=0, want=2097152, limit=2097151
> > attempt to access beyond end of device
> > 07:00 rw=0, want=2097154, limit=2097151
> > ...
> Maybe you are running a Linux kernel which is unable to handle bigger
> than 2/4 GB files...

Linux kernel >= 2.4.0 support large files but some applications in Woody 
such as dd, wget do not!

> > All files except the first 4179 (of 8xxx) in md5sum.txt are
> > unreadable! I checked the image using isovfy, isoinfo, ... but it
> > seems to be OK. Any ideas how to fix this?
> Upgrade.

I upgraded to Sid.

> > I want to use jigdo, but there are no files in jigdo/. Where can I
> > get these files?
> They will eventually get out, but this won't change your behaviour of
> your OS...

This seems to be wrong. Jigdo-lite uses wget to download files and these 
files are generally small. I don't know what program is used to create 
the large image file and indeed it's possible that this fails in Woody, 
but I'm not sure.

Using Attila's jigdo files I'm downloading all missing files, and there's 
no need to download the first 2GB again!

PS: The first dvd jigdo file contains a wrong URL (zless sid-i386-1.jigdo)
Please note that "sid-dvd" should be used instead of "sid".

ShortInfo='Debian GNU/Linux N/A "Sid" - fsn.hu unofficial i386 Binary-1 

What does N/A stand for?


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