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jigdo files for sid-dvd

A few days ago (May 24--May 25) I tried to download the sid-dvd images 
from ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/sid-dvd/ but 
I'm sure that's because of a new file upload. I read ../NEWS, to ensure 
this cannot happen and finished the download sunday morning at 6am 

News contains:
[upload] "will happen on every Sunday [noon] for the ISO images"

I was able to download sid-i386-1.iso and to mount it via loopback. I 
compared the checksum:
 $ md5sum -c md5sum.txt
and got

attempt to access beyond end of device
07:00 rw=0, want=2097152, limit=2097151
attempt to access beyond end of device
07:00 rw=0, want=2097154, limit=2097151

All files except the first 4179 (of 8xxx) in md5sum.txt are unreadable! I 
checked the image using isovfy, isoinfo, ... but it seems to be OK. Any 
ideas how to fix this?

I want to use jigdo, but there are no files in jigdo/. Where can I get 
these files?

Another question: Why are there two small images instead of a large one?
DVD's support up to 4.37GB, is the 2GB limit for older DVD-RAM media?

Hint: The absolut path in sid-dvd/MD5SUMS (/home/debiancd/out/sid-dvd/)
should be replaced by a local one, so that there's no need to edit this 


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