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Re: dvd-isos

PÁSZTOR György wrote:
I use ext3 on my home (woody) machine (it was originally ext2), the >4GB
woody iso through a loopback device works well to my fast apt-get install
things :-) So the problem is somewhere else...
I see the not too distant future, when HDVD-RW (High Density/Holographic Digital Versatile Disc) will be common so we can download the latest Debian Molly which will actually fit onto 2 HDVD-RW discs! (XFree86-XP SP3 included with dynamic voxel-chain rotation support) The sad thing will be that in Linux/i386 the ext4 will be only 48 bit clean, which means that the first disc gets truncated at 256 TBs.... :)

(of course ext5 will fix this problem and won't require a 128 bit CPU)

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