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Re: dvd-isos

Hi there,

"Attila Nagy" <bra@fsn.hu> írta 2003-05-28 13:58-kor:
> Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> >>Maybe you are running a Linux kernel which is unable to handle bigger
> >>than 2/4 GB files...
> >Heh, good place to put in a reminder to the kfki.hu guys that perhaps
> >there is such an issue there too.
> Thanks for the notice.
> BTW, I am completely confused. Aren't modern Linux kernels capable of 
> handling more than 32 bits of file lengths?
> Or is this a userland problem?
It could be problem of many things. eg. older fs, old libc, etc...
I use ext3 on my home (woody) machine (it was originally ext2), the >4GB
woody iso through a loopback device works well to my fast apt-get install
things :-) So the problem is somewhere else...

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