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Re: New stuff on building the cd images (bugreport for alpha and sparc)

> THe only thing missing is that sarge contains nothing for main/disks-*
> on any architectures. Where do you expect it to get it's boot stuff
> from? Sounds like you may need to ask the debian archive admins to copy
> disks-* from woody to sarge from atleast some select architectures.

I was just executing the script you commited on debian-cd for making sarge
cds bootable, so I was asking myself why you were trying to get stuff from
disks-sparc, shouldn't this be debian-installer based? Maybe you mean that
debian-installer stuff must be on main/disks-$ARCH :-???

I'm running cd building for Sarge sparc without trying to make them bootable
till everything you need to make them bootable is in place.

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