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Re: New stuff on building the cd images (bugreport for alpha and sparc)

> Running tools/boot/sarge/boot-sparc 1 /org/cdimage.debian.org/setup/debian-cd/../tmp/sarge-sparc/CD1
> cp: cannot stat `CD1/dists/sarge/main/disks-sparc/current/sun4cdm/vmlinuz': No such file or directory
> make: *** [/org/cdimage.debian.org/setup/debian-cd/../tmp/sarge-sparc/bootable-stamp] Error 1
> I have rebuilt the cds for both this arches without the building scripts
> while this missing archives are put in place or changes are made to the cd
> booting scripts, in any case a note telling me the action that has been
> taken, so that I know I can retry the build, will be welcome.

THe only thing missing is that sarge contains nothing for main/disks-*
on any architectures. Where do you expect it to get it's boot stuff
from? Sounds like you may need to ask the debian archive admins to copy
disks-* from woody to sarge from atleast some select architectures.

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