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New stuff on building the cd images (bugreport for alpha and sparc)


I have updated the cd building stuff at gluck with latest cvs version of
debian-cd and also jigdo-file and debootstrap to the latest available

At least alpha and sparc have failed to build using the new version of
debian-cd, it was caused by the newly introduced scripts to make the cds for
this arches bootable, on the other side, arm built ok and it also was
introducing this cds.

I have not verified any of the images but there should not be any problem
with them that we hadn't before, if people would like to test them for jigdo
or other kind of problems, they are as always free to test them and report
back here.

As for the boot scripts for alpha and sparc...

On alpha it is trying to download:

cdrom-2880.img cdrom-initrd.gz cdrom144-1440.img cdrom144-initrd.gz
net-1440.img net-initrd.gz vmlinuz

from people.debian.org/~mckinstry/d-i/images/alpha when there one can only

cdrom-initrd.gz cdrom144-initrd.gz net-initrd.gz vmlinuz

I was going to modify the scripts to only download these ones but then I
realised that it was using at least cdrom-2880 for one of the cds.

As for sparc, it seems also a problem on a missing file, this is the error
it gives:

Running tools/boot/sarge/boot-sparc 1 /org/cdimage.debian.org/setup/debian-cd/../tmp/sarge-sparc/CD1
cp: cannot stat `CD1/dists/sarge/main/disks-sparc/current/sun4cdm/vmlinuz': No such file or directory
make: *** [/org/cdimage.debian.org/setup/debian-cd/../tmp/sarge-sparc/bootable-stamp] Error 1

I have rebuilt the cds for both this arches without the building scripts
while this missing archives are put in place or changes are made to the cd
booting scripts, in any case a note telling me the action that has been
taken, so that I know I can retry the build, will be welcome.

Well, guess that is all, for what I've heard the d-i guys are doing well,
keep up that good job, guys ;-)

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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