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Re: Problem with jigdo-lite

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 05:27:53PM +0200, debian@dafuer.de wrote:
> RA> Actually, one day I'd like there to be a "jigdo
> RA> fallback directory" on every Debian FTP server (and ideally also a
> RA> directory containing the .jigdo and .template files), so each mirror would
> RA> be self-contained WRT CD downloading.
> This would be great - so why there isn't?

Um, various not very convincing reasons which all boil down to the fact 
that some further work on my part is needed before anything will happen in 
that area. ;-)

ATM, it's a higher priority for me to get the jigdo GUI app into a usable 

> Right ;-) Do you know if it is planned to include this little stuff into
> the archive?

Most of it is also available inside some package or other, the most notable
exception probably being the GPG keyring.

> By the way, can jigdo keep this downloaded files? I've looked and read
> manpages but without success..

You mean, can it save the files from the fallback server somewhere? Not
really, you'd probably have to fish them out of your HTTP proxy's cache if
you really needed them. But if you use jigdo's update feature, they will be
found, so e.g. you won't need to download them again when you update your
3.0r1 images to 3.0r2.


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