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Re[2]: Problem with jigdo-lite

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Hello Richard,
Tuesday, May 6, 2003, 2:41:34 PM, you wrote:

RA> Well, that's just the way jigdo works, no problem. :)

Yes - a great tool ;-) I remember the old days where to download a
full image, breaking connections nearly the end and then to see that
this mirror wasn't able to continue download broken files (and in
times of ISDN this was really annoying).

RA> You're right, everything would feel much cleaner if only a normal Debian
RA> mirror were needed. Actually, one day I'd like there to be a "jigdo
RA> fallback directory" on every Debian FTP server (and ideally also a
RA> directory containing the .jigdo and .template files), so each mirror would
RA> be self-contained WRT CD downloading.

This would be great - so why there isn't? Actually I need to mirror
debian, debian-non-US and debian-cd. Okay, debian-non-US is needed to
be seperated. And that debian-cd holds .jigdo and .template I can
understand, they are closely to CDs. But a simple directory in one of
the archives holding this little stuff extra needed by jigdo (and for
buliding an image) would be great.

RA> BTW, if you look closely, the changed files do *not* include any packages,
RA> just "less important" stuff like documentation, READMEs etc.

Right ;-) Do you know if it is planned to include this little stuff
into the archive? If I think about it - these files are needed by the
current stable images, I can install them, although they are not
packages and not really important.

By the way, can jigdo keep this downloaded files? I've looked and read
manpages but without success..

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