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Re[2]: Problem with jigdo-lite

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Hello Richard,

Monday, May 5, 2003, 8:14:34 PM, you wrote:

RA> You are downloading the images for stable (woody), not the sarge ones,
RA> right?

That's right ;-) I've build the sarge ones too, but there was no

RA> Are you getting an error message "Aargh, 13 files could not be
RA> downloaded", or did you just notice some 404 error messages?

Neither - in midst of the progress there is a message like 9987 of
10000 files found required by the template. After that I am asked for
a mirror to get the files from.

RA> At the moment the CDs are made, they represent a "snapshot" of the
RA> archive. From that moment on, the CDs stay the same, but the
RA> archive changes slightly; some files are removed or replaced with

Ok that's clear.

RA> newer versions. To counteract this, there is a fallback server on
RA> us.cdimage.debian.org which still contains the old files. It seems
RA> to work fine for other people, not sure why there's a problem for
RA> you.

For me us.cdimage.debian.org works too ;-) jigdo get the missing files
and completes the image.

But I was wondering why I can't build a cd-image directly from my
local mirror here, but if there are some (13?) packages that are not
present in Debians main-archive that is the solution. But now I am
starting to ask me why these packages are not inside the normal
archive, whence they are needed for a current stable release? Some
packages are also in different versions in the archive, so why not
these (as I can see this packages contain docs).


PS: Thank you for jigdo ;-) It is a great tool! And geetings from the
"north" as I am a CS student at TU Clausthal...
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