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Re: Problem with jigdo-lite

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 01:43:32PM +0200, debian@dafuer.de wrote:
> I have a problem building official iso-images from the official-jigdo
> files. I am using a local mirror as source and with image 2 and later all
> works fine. But for some reason there are always 13 files missing for the
> first image.

You are downloading the images for stable (woody), not the sarge ones, 

Are you getting an error message "Aargh, 13 files could not be downloaded", 
or did you just notice some 404 error messages?

> How can this be, when here is a complete mirror of ftp.debian.org/debian
> and ftp.de.debian.org/debian-nonus via rsync?

At the moment the CDs are made, they represent a "snapshot" of the archive. 
>From that moment on, the CDs stay the same, but the archive changes 
slightly; some files are removed or replaced with newer versions. To 
counteract this, there is a fallback server on us.cdimage.debian.org which 
still contains the old files. It seems to work fine for other people, not 
sure why there's a problem for you.



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