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Re: 3.0r1 iso images ready for testing

Richard et al,

Just a short second follow-up, wanted to show I am paying attention and
trying to remedy the fuzzy time-blurred unfamiliarity with Jigdo

["Richard Atterer" <richard@list03.atterer.net> wrote]
> 3.0r1 isn't exactly "obsoleted"! There was a problem by the time 2.2r7 was 
> released, because /that/ release included software that was 1.5 years 
> old... In general, Debian prefers stability over cutting-edge features, at 
> least for stable.
> ?!? Sure, if you don't want non-i386, then just don't pass the non-i386 
> .jigdo files to jigdo-lite!

> In case you've misunderstood this: jigdo-lite takes just one URL (that of
> the .jigdo file) plus URLs for the Debian/non-US mirrors and then does all
> the rest of the work itself. It will download the packages on the CD
> on its own, you don't need to do anything but lean back and wait.

OK, so taking the above into account, this implies that (given what's
current today as I write this), the .jigdo file URL that I want to point
Jigdo-lite at is:


*if what I wanted was the SOURCES for "3.0r1" -- is this correct?*

-or- (if I wanted the i386 binary packages for "3.0r1:):


It sounds so easy now... ;-)

     Soren A
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