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Re: 3.0r1 iso images ready for testing

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 12:45:24 +0100, "Richard Atterer"
<richard@list03.atterer.net> said:
> Hi Soren,
> sorry to hear you've been having problems downloading Debian.

Thanks for the sympathy :-).

> On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 02:59:15PM -0500, Soren Andersen wrote:
> > Debian Stable (3.0, "Woody") CDs -- running Jigdo for Windows32 on my
> > Winbox and then burning the CDs. I got as far as CD #3 before the tedium
> > halted that. Also the realization that I was storing obsoleted packages
> > at considerable expenditure of time and effort.
> 3.0r1 isn't exactly "obsoleted"! There was a problem by the time 2.2r7 was 
> released, because /that/ release included software that was 1.5 years 
> old... In general, Debian prefers stability over cutting-edge features,
> at least for stable.
> Oh, I see that below you sound like you can't find 3.0r1, just 3.0r0.

Right. I'll note that I probably didn't do a good job explaining what I
had been having problems with. Since I got my laptop I've been through a
series of life struggles and disruptions to routine and waited so long to
ask for advice on this that I am probably bleary on some of the details
('twas back in early January when I installed and fired up Jigdo-lite to
burn my Debian CDs).

So to confirm: (1) You correctly seemed to have divined that I chose
"Jigdo-lite" (based as it is on MinGW, not Cygwin, it seemed the more
elegant solution ...) and (2) That it was "3.0r1" that I desired to
assemble as binary .debs for the ix86 architecture. I wasn't worried that
3.0r1 is "obsolete", that was a muddle I probably caused for you readers
by confusing wording. I was concerned that *3.0r0* was already too out of

I found myself unable to get a valid Jigdo-lite run trying to target
3.0r1. The exact trouble I had, I unfortunately cannot reconstruct from
memory right now -- it's been too long -- but it was a basic Jigdo
breakdown, i.e. the ".jigdo" file and the url I pointed towards didn't
match and Jigdo wouldn't do anything, or something like that. It seems to
me that no US Debian Jigdo mirror site existed for assembling "3.0r1" and
I ended up trying the only site that seems available worldwide for that,
I believe it is the one in the .hu country-hierarchy. Something about
that seemed weird to me.

> > My experience of trying to understand how the PTB at Debian want CD iso's
> > distributed was not very easy.
> What's a PTB? "People that brag"? Am I one? :)

;-).  "Powers That Be". Yes, I suppose you are.

> > I like and admire Jigdo, great concept, but what left me frustrated was
> > trying to understand how I could create iso's that contain the *updated*
> > Woody .deb's, not the original release (3.0) .debs.
> Hm, all you have to do is point your browser at
> <http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/index.en.html#which>, follow the USA
> or Europe link which points to jigdo files for 3.0r1, and then pass the URLs 
> of the "i386" .jigdo files to jigdo-lite.

I spent a really long time (3+ hours) reading the Jigdo HOWTO and Jigdo's
own documentation, and reading the Debian.org site that lists URLs, and
yet could not figure out what the URLs were for 3.0r1. Mostly I just
remember the frustration, and going back and forth between a couple of
different Debian.org URLs trying to find some missing link-ish
explanation of something that I just wasn't getting. 's been just too
long, I cannot provide a detailed accounting that would be helpful in
improving things, at this time (I'll have to repeat the whole effort at a
later time and see if I can re-create what led to these feelings of
frustration ;-).


> > I run Debian on a i-x86 platform and JUST need the binary .debs for that
> > architecture (and the sources too, please ...), not the .debs for 15
> > other architectures as well,
> ?!? Sure, if you don't want non-i386, then just don't pass the non-i386 
> .jigdo files to jigdo-lite!

You are right, I got myself confused by the thread in question (in this
List archive, that I was perusing) and by later efforts I've been making
to create a local 'mirror' of Debian packages via a different means.
Unfairly blamed "Jigdo" for misbehaving where it has not. Sorry.

> In case you've misunderstood this: jigdo-lite takes just one URL (that of
> the .jigdo file) plus URLs for the Debian/non-US mirrors and then does
> all the rest of the work itself. It will download the packages on the CD
> on its own, you don't need to do anything but lean back and wait.

Yes, I misremembered a good part of it, but this is basically what I
finally managed to achieve, for the first 3 CDs. It's just that when I
went to run 'apt' I realized that the CDs I had just burned were already
behind even what was currently installed on my system (configured for me
by a system vendor, i.e., the outfit that sold me the laptop with
GNU-Linux pre-installed), for some packages (pkgs that have been released
in newer revisions since 3.0r0). I had tried to get "3.0r1" but had
somehow ended up with "3.0r0" instead. At least I think so...

I received another message in reply, that talked about "Easy2Win". I
didn't download, install or try "Easy2Win" as I pride myself on usually
being able to (eventually) learn a command-line tool and Jigdo-lite
seemed like it would run faster and hog less space than a Cygwin-based

   Best Regards, pending later exchanges (at which time I might have
   better explanations to offer),
     Soren A

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