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Re: 3.0r1 iso images ready for testing


To start with, sorry about possible multiple breaches of Netiquette, and
any possible demanding, annoyed tone which may despite my best efforts,
find it's way into this message.

Searching for info on how to solve problems with GNU-Linux sometimes
involves casting a very wide net and then just hoping for a lucky break.
About 45 days ago I began for the first time using Jigdo to create some
Debian Stable (3.0, "Woody") CDs -- running Jigdo for Windows32 on my
Winbox and then burning the CDs. I got as far as CD #3 before the tedium
halted that. Also the realization that I was storing obsoleted packages
at considerable expenditure of time and effort.

Now I've just come across this thread using Goggle ("the wide net") and
so although I am not subscribed to this List, I am hoping I can get the
message through and get an answer. Sorry for asking someone to privately
CC: me an answer, but, please CC: to <somian -AT- pobox -DOT- com>.

My experience of trying to understand how the PTB at Debian want CD iso's
distributed was not very easy. I like and admire Jigdo, great concept,
but what left me frustrated was trying to understand how I could create
iso's that contain the *updated* Woody .deb's, not the original release
(3.0) .debs. It would have been just dandy if the author(s) of the
somewhat scanty documentation had just assumed "anyone needing to burn
iso's of Debian-Stable is going to want 3.0r1 [or whatever is most
recent], not 3.0". But that's not how the instructions seem to have been
written. There's big holes ... . So anyway, my question, at last, is:
does this thread I have unearthed mean that now, there IS a URL at which
I can point Jigdo to get it to, in one easy-to-understand pass, assemble
(I think that's the correct term for what Jigdo does) a 3.0r1 .iso set

I'd even be willing to contribute to improved documentation on howto do
this, if someone would answer, pointing me in the right direction or
providing expanded explanation.

    Soren A

P.S. It would be absolutely super if the PTB could keep someone like me
in mind: new-ish Debian GNU-Linux user, not connected to the 'Net from
his Debian box (because its a laptop w/ a non-working [yet] Winmodem
[softmodem]), who needs to use MSWinblows as an intermediary between his
new Debian installation and the Debian package repositories on the
Network. I run Debian on a i-x86 platform and JUST need the binary .debs
for that architecture (and the sources too, please ...), not the .debs
for 15 other architectures as well, involving the running of Jigdo for
like 3 consecutive weekends, hours of manually manipulating .iso files
(to get them onto CD-Rs/CD-RWs), creating a 2-foot-high stack of CDs in
the process, which then require a small moving van to lug from place to
place... .
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