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Re: 3.0r1 iso images ready for testing

Hi Soren,

sorry to hear you've been having problems downloading Debian.

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 02:59:15PM -0500, Soren Andersen wrote:
> Debian Stable (3.0, "Woody") CDs -- running Jigdo for Windows32 on my
> Winbox and then burning the CDs. I got as far as CD #3 before the tedium
> halted that. Also the realization that I was storing obsoleted packages
> at considerable expenditure of time and effort.

3.0r1 isn't exactly "obsoleted"! There was a problem by the time 2.2r7 was 
released, because /that/ release included software that was 1.5 years 
old... In general, Debian prefers stability over cutting-edge features, at 
least for stable.

Oh, I see that below you sound like you can't find 3.0r1, just 3.0r0.

> message through and get an answer. Sorry for asking someone to privately
> CC: me an answer, but, please CC: to <somian -AT- pobox -DOT- com>.

I'll BCC you. BTW, there are services out there which offer you a 
forwarding email address which "expires" after a few days.

> My experience of trying to understand how the PTB at Debian want CD iso's
> distributed was not very easy.

What's a PTB? "People that brag"? Am I one? :)

> I like and admire Jigdo, great concept, but what left me frustrated was
> trying to understand how I could create iso's that contain the *updated*
> Woody .deb's, not the original release (3.0) .debs.

Hm, all you have to do is point your browser at
<http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/index.en.html#which>, follow the USA or 
Europe link which points to jigdo files for 3.0r1, and then pass the URLs 
of the "i386" .jigdo files to jigdo-lite.

> It would have been just dandy if the author(s) of the somewhat scanty
> documentation

jigdo's own docs are a bit lacking, yes. But fortunately, I've got the 
jigdo HOWTO as an excuse for that fact; have you looked at 
<http://www.dirac.org/linux/debian/jigdo/> - surely that isn't "scanty"? 

> had just assumed "anyone needing to burn iso's of Debian-Stable is going
> to want 3.0r1 [or whatever is most recent], not 3.0". But that's not how
> the instructions seem to have been written. There's big holes ... . So
> anyway, my question, at last, is: does this thread I have unearthed mean
> that now, there IS a URL at which I can point Jigdo to get it to, in one
> easy-to-understand pass, assemble (I think that's the correct term for
> what Jigdo does) a 3.0r1 .iso set ???

Yes, see above (except you'll have to re-run jigdo-lite for each CD, it
can't do the whole set with just one invocation). I'm not sure why you
cannot find the information via the website - or is there another problem
which prevents you from using these .jigdo files?

Anyway, if you can give any suggestions about what changes would improve 
the website, I'm happy to hear them.

> I run Debian on a i-x86 platform and JUST need the binary .debs for that
> architecture (and the sources too, please ...), not the .debs for 15
> other architectures as well,

?!? Sure, if you don't want non-i386, then just don't pass the non-i386 
.jigdo files to jigdo-lite!

In case you've misunderstood this: jigdo-lite takes just one URL (that of
the .jigdo file) plus URLs for the Debian/non-US mirrors and then does all
the rest of the work itself. It will download the packages on the CD
on its own, you don't need to do anything but lean back and wait.



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