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Re: state of the cdrom mirrors report

era eriksson wrote:
> I'm afraid your definition of "down" is a bit restrictive. I believe
> that e.g. mirrors.sunsite.dk will actually work for users in .dk but
> not allow access to others. I'm not sure if this is a happy solution,
> but the benefit of their mirroring anything at all is certainly
> questionable if there will be no link to their mirror, don't you
> think?

There are two possible fixes I think. Either I can add a manual override
system to the thing, or once we settle on what machine will be running
the test script, mirror admins can make sure that that machine is
allowed in (may not work for sunsite type systems of course). Overrides
would be easy anyway, and I'll see about adding them if the script ever
gets into cvs.

BTW, I've managed to get onto mirrors.sunsite.dk from the US just now. 

see shy jo

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