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Re: Jigdo needs concept work

At 11:49 AM 02/12/02 -0500, Chris Severance wrote:
A proper implementation of Jigdo:

1. It is a GUI program, not a CLI program.

Jigdo was one mans' vision ; since you're a "Windows man" and not a "*nix buf", perhaps you could do this for the Debian community (:^)

Perhaps you could finish this program before Christmas so that it can be the default technique for Debian 3.0rev1.


A. A list of everything available for on the distribution network. The debian network would include all present and past releases of everything that debian wants to be available. This includes the current release, the latest patch level, and any previous popular releases. The list would also be tree

Yes, that would be nice. Do you have any specific suggestions on how that might be done? How does it compare to Google, for example?

structured so if I wanted all 8 CD's of Woody then I could check a single box and they would all be marked. If there were ..


I should think that as the author of this new Windows program, all these menu choices and dependencies are within your discretion.

  B. A list of every place where that stuff might be obtained

That would be nice.

3. The program then presents me a list of what I have, what I want, and optionally, presents me a list to limit places to obtain it from.

4. Hit run, and it gets all checked items.


I for one am looking forward to your efforts in this field.

Bad things that Jigdo does:

Downloads as files... like unix file names can be represented

Do you have an alternative to downloading as files? Why would downloading anything else be any different?

separate FTP session for each file and you guys think you're saving something. Sounds to me like an ISO will generate half as much traffic! If you were really clever you'd ZIP the releases to guarantee delivery.

If a separate FTP "session" for each file really bothers you, HTTP may be your protocol of choice.

Many of the files are already "zipped"; look at the "readme" for MD5SUM to learn about "guarantee delivery."

This takes 16 human hours and 16 computer hours to get the entire release. Apparently noone around here has ever heard of batch downloading. With FTP, I hit mark 8 times in a GUI


Don't gripe! Write your download tool!

The Jigdo process may have been adapted to other OS but it is clearly designed for *nix systems. In the future the jigdo

And after you use the Jigdo system once, you should be on *nix! Not a problem!(tm)

Looking forward to your efforts in Debian,
Regards, Gordon

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