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Re: Jigdo needs concept work

At 10:56 AM 12/2/2002 -0800, Gordon Huff wrote:
I for one am looking forward to your efforts in this field.

I have tried to understand how to write for Windows Sockets but it was way too complicated for me. None of the available calls did anything resembling something useful. Then I tried some pre built libraries which were easy enough to use but were too buggy and slow.

Bad things that Jigdo does:

Downloads as files... like unix file names can be represented

Do you have an alternative to downloading as files? Why would downloading anything else be any different?

All I'm saying is that downloading 10,000 files one FTP at a time will substantially increase your transfer volume over the same ISO's. The traffic to open and close connections for so many <1K files is not trivial. I do have bandwidth but I don't have time to figure out how to get Jigdo to recognize my 3 Debian 2.2r4 CD's nor do I have time to ask Jigdo to download 7 CD's one CD at a time.

separate FTP session for each file and you guys think you're saving something. Sounds to me like an ISO will generate half as much traffic! If you were really clever you'd ZIP the releases to guarantee delivery.

If a separate FTP "session" for each file really bothers you, HTTP may be your protocol of choice.

The author already answered: Some day it might be a streaming protocol so that the losses from separate sessions would be minimized.

Don't gripe! Write your download tool!

I gripe because y'all call me evil for heading to the security of ISO downloads. Y'all think I could download less if I were to follow a hundred steps. I tried the Jigdo game and it was so hard to play that I just went into the Jigdo file, found the name, did a Google search, and picked a relatively close mirror. One day later, they were all done. 2 hours of fooling with Jigdo were repaired with 20 minutes of google and FTP.

The Jigdo process may have been adapted to other OS but it is clearly designed for *nix systems. In the future the jigdo

And after you use the Jigdo system once, you should be on *nix! Not a problem!(tm)

Looking forward to your efforts in Debian,

My speciality isn't in Unix. I don't like the file system. I maintain a casual interest in Debian and Linux in general because it is the ultimate server system. Linux, or at least Debian as of 2.24r was not suitable as a workstation for many reasons, one being that it was Internet leaky and constantly causing dials. I had to block the Debian computer at the router to keep things working normally.

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