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Re: state of the cdrom mirrors report

Josip Rodin wrote:
> That's too optimistic, sadly. On a number of occasions I've seen people
> suddenly "forget" to configure their Apaches after an upgrade or something.
> It's usually that they only care about FTP for whatever reason and don't
> bother to check up on HTTP.

However, it's much harder to check http (I won't do it..), and the other
alternative, to drop http entirely, has been vetoed.

> > I think we should set up a cron to run the check_cd_mirrors.pl every day
> > (or every 3 days, but it's not very expensive to run, though it does
> > take about an hour to complete) on gluck, and commit its changes to the
> > Mirrors.masterlist.status (which can be done on gluck best since the cvs
> > repository is there).
> Or it could simply run on www-master where the web pages get built, so we
> skip all the CVS overhead.

Sure.. the status file is not that important, it doesn't have to go into

> > Index: english/distrib/netinst.wml
> > ===================================================================
> > -  <li><a href="../CD/netinst/">Minimal CD</a>:
> > -  Instead of getting a full 650MB CD image, you just download a CD image
> > -  file which contains the bare essentials necessary to install the rest.
> > +  <li><a href="../CD/">CD</a>:
> > +  You download a CD image file. Minimal CD images are available, as is
> > +  a fast and efficient means to download a full CD from a mirror near you.
> This part I don't get. Instead of shortening the path between entering
> www.d.o and getting to the netinst CDs, you've added another page to pass
> through before the viewer reaches it.

See the graph I posted to the gentoo thread. This page is a dead-end for
anyone who wants a cd image via jigdo or from a mirror; all it lets you
get currently is a unofficial netinst iso. Any yet it's linked
prominently on the homepage. The patch aims to make it no longer be a
dead end at least.

> > Index: english/mirror/mirror_list.pl
> > ===================================================================
> > -open SRC, "<$mirror_source" ||
> > +open(SRC, "<$mirror_source") ||
> Easy on the formatting... :)

That's not formatting, the || die will never be called even if the file
does not exist, unless you use parens. Perl parses || at a lower
precidence than comma.

see shy jo

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