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How does JIGDO fetch the debian packages?


May I know how JIGDO fetch the debian packages?
Does JIGDO understand /etc/apt/preferences ?

I would like to create a CDROM that has all (about 450)
packages that I am currently use at home (with no internet 
connection). First, I list the packages by using 
"dpkg --get-selections".

Unfortunately, I have no idea of the easy way for fetching
the Debian packages.

- I have been advised (at debian-user) for using apt-get option 
  "--download-only" "--print-uris". I tried it, but it complained
  that the package is already installed (obviously!). May I know 
  how to use "apt-get" for fetching packages that are already 
  installed at the computer?

- I can extract the filename and the package name by using 
  "apt-cache-show". Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to merge
  the filename with the /etc/apt/sources.list information.

- Currently, I am using a simple shell script like this following.
  The problem is that it does not understand "/etc/apt/preferences"

    echo -n "Start getlist..."
    awk '
    BEGIN {
       print "#! /bin/sh"
       print "PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:"
       print "rm -f .tmp.txt"
       print "rm -f Packages"
       print "wget -q "$1$2
       print "awk '\'' "
       print "/^Package: / { PKG=$2 } "
       print "/^Filename: / { print PKG \" "$1"\"$2 } "
       print "'\'' Packages >> .tmp.txt"
    END {
       print "sort .tmp.txt > .ALL.txt"
       print "rm -f Packages"
       print "exit 0"
    }' .SEL.txt > .tmp.sh
    # The ".SEL.txt" file informs where to find the pool and Packages.
    # The format is "http://domain.com/debian/ dists/stable/.../Packages"
    echo -n "SHELL..."
    sh .tmp.sh
    rm -f .tmp.sh
    echo "OK."

Thank you for any clue!

Abdul Latip -- Angkasa Internet Junior Staff -- ANGIN.com
http://people.WebIndonesia.com/dullatip/ ----------------

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