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Re: Basic Sarge CDs periodically built

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> > can other mirrors also look at offering this ? even if it's a subset ?
> > i'd like to consider (pending enough disk space) to look at offering/building
> > i386 sarge cds for end users in AU in an automated fashion..
>                      ^^^^^^^^^
> If you have read what Santiago wrote, you know that those images are
> useless for "end users" unless they just want to upgrade from woody to
> sarge with CD because they don't have a good net connection.

end beta testers who have spare time and feel the need to break things then..

it's just i know i will get a few queries asking if we'd make it available
so i was just pre-empting them..  it might well be not worth doing this
until much closer to an end release point where some people will be interested
in testing against a myriad of hardware.

> Do NOT offer those images without BIG warnings explaining that those
> images are for testing only and that the installation process launched
> by booting those images will probably not work (and possibly even damage
> your system). Please also note that the documentation included in the CD
> is not up-to-date with the installer that is used.

yep. apologies for not making it clear - i'd of course do this.



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