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Re: Basic Sarge CDs periodically built

Le Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 07:42:25AM +1000, jason andrade écrivait:
> > As some of you know, we have started producing Sarge CDs for testing
> > purposes, now this production has been automated and the CDs will be built
> > every friday night (GMT) but it will last several hours. We will produce
> > images for all eleven arches released on Woody. The URL to download them is
> > http://gluck.debian.org/debian-cd/testing/
> > You'll have to use jigdo-file version 0.6.8 or later to download them.
> can other mirrors also look at offering this ? even if it's a subset ?
> i'd like to consider (pending enough disk space) to look at offering/building
> i386 sarge cds for end users in AU in an automated fashion..
If you have read what Santiago wrote, you know that those images are
useless for "end users" unless they just want to upgrade from woody to
sarge with CD because they don't have a good net connection.

Do NOT offer those images without BIG warnings explaining that those
images are for testing only and that the installation process launched
by booting those images will probably not work (and possibly even damage
your system). Please also note that the documentation included in the CD
is not up-to-date with the installer that is used.

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