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Basic Sarge CDs periodically built


As some of you know, we have started producing Sarge CDs for testing
purposes, now this production has been automated and the CDs will be built
every friday night (GMT) but it will last several hours. We will produce
images for all eleven arches released on Woody. The URL to download them is
You'll have to use jigdo-file version 0.6.8 or later to download them.

Be warned that this images are only for testing purposes, they will most
surely serve for an upgrade from our stable release (Woody) to our testing
release (Sarge), but do not expect much more from them, even this is not at
all warranted and has not been throughly tested. Additionally on i386
architecture you get bootable CDs (other arches are not even bootable yet)
with debian-installer for you to test. Don't expect this images to be able
to install Debian, they won't, at least for some time, but you can use them
to test, fix bugs and all that.

We sincerelly hope this helps us go faster in the development of Sarge.


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