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Re: Basic Sarge CDs periodically built

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

> Hi!
> As some of you know, we have started producing Sarge CDs for testing
> purposes, now this production has been automated and the CDs will be built
> every friday night (GMT) but it will last several hours. We will produce
> images for all eleven arches released on Woody. The URL to download them is
> http://gluck.debian.org/debian-cd/testing/
> You'll have to use jigdo-file version 0.6.8 or later to download them.

can other mirrors also look at offering this ? even if it's a subset ?
i'd like to consider (pending enough disk space) to look at offering/building
i386 sarge cds for end users in AU in an automated fashion..



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