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question on net install through dsl on a sparc10

Dear sirs,
I'm about to use the minimal CD install at :
But I have some questions:
1. Is this .iso image cdrom bootable by a SPARC 10?
   If yes, how do I start?  download the .iso image onto a CD and on the OK prompt of sparc10, say boot cdrom ??
   If not, do I need to download a LILO first, boot it to the sparc10 and do an install from this .iso image, any procedure written somewhere?
2. Since this is installation through a network, I guess 1. maybe irrelevant.
    I do want to hook up to DSL using my sparc10 through an ethernet cable connected to a hub for pacbell broadband dsl.
    I guess then I need to boot up the sparc10 standalone first before configuring it to network to the dsl modem. Is that the case and
    what is the procedure?
    And how am I to configure it as a server? Install Apache on the sparc?
Thanks a lot for you attention, pls let me know another reference email if I email to a wrong party for the questions!
Thanks again!!

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