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Re: sarge CDs


> > Historically, the official stuff was in a big late.
> Yes, that's what we're trying to fix.

> If you can do it unofficially, there's no reason we can't have official
> ones.
Of course.
The only problem seems to be the distribution of the ISO images. Of course
you can make only jigdo downloadable ones, but there will be people (a lot
of people) who will find the easiest way to get Debian onto their CDRs.

> It's not a major criteria, but CD images have always seemed to me to
> be... kind-of second cousins compared to everything else.
Yes. Maybe this is why you still can't download the official ISOs :)
(for me official means something which is produced by Debian and not by me
from my Debian mirror. If we get this as a base, using debian-cd and jigdo
to make the stuff is nearly the same process. If we do that with the same
parameters, we get the same back.)

> The pseudo-image stuff and jigdo are all kind-of unofficial and not
> really supported as well as they should've been, and the images
> themselves are produced off in the corner and a bit irregularly.
Richard does great job with jigdo. Both in fixing the bugs and in
supporting his own "product".

> Which has worked okay, but we could probably do better.
There are a lot of fields which could be done better... There always be
such things.

> Yes. raff.debian.org _does_ have the space for all this and, as
> http.us/ftp.d.o already has a copy of the archive. Which is why I'm
> happy to take (2) for granted.
Hmm. Let's see.
For all architectures and all versions (let's count with 8 CDs and with
600 MBs for worst case, without non-free):
^ ^  ^ ^--- per CD
| |  +----- per arch
| +-------- nr. of archs
+---------- woody, sarge, sid

That's 168 GBs. If we don't count sid (I know that you won't make such
images :), that's only 112 GBs.
Nice amount of data...

> It still strikes me as much more sensible to offer ISOs for just the
> first couple of CDs, or just i386, and jigdo images for everything.
Maybe. Offering jigdo files are more rational, that's true.
I think you should make a survey on this topic :)

> Right, but if we could get this fixed just by having you send in a PGP
> key and getting you an account on raff, that'd work too. *shrug*
Everybody can issue a ./makecd command, like my cron does :)

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