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Re: sarge CDs


> Three problems:
> 	(1) they're unoffocial
Historically, the official stuff was in a big late. Like packages of the
latest Debian version one week after the release of the next one. (this is
not my opinion, I don't really care about the age of the packages, because
I can always compile one if needed)

In these days it seems that this changes... So it is likely that I won't
have to make new images next week, because I can mirror them from a .d.o
machine. That's easier for me...

> 	(2) they're not on a .d.o machine
Hmm. You don't write from a .d.o machine. Your e-mail address is not
ending with .d.o either.
BTW, if this is so important, then please s/ftp.fsn.hu/ftp.hu.debian.org/
and voila. The second criteria is obsolete. :)

> 	(3) they're not for all architectures
That's true. This is because:

(1) Currently I don't have the needed disk space to mirror all the Debian
    architectures onto my machine (where the CDs are produced)
(2) If I would have the space, I still wouldn't have the space to offer
    these as ISO images (don't blame me, some people like to have them)

I will make Debian CDs for all architectures when I can offer them as
downloadable ISO images.
There are users who seek for downloadable CDs. If they don't find them,
they skip to another distribution (or something else).
Yes, jigdo is a great thing, but I'm not the one who has to teach people
to use that. I'm offering .jigdo files for all the debian-unofficial stuff
in a daily manner, but that's all, what I can do...

> You don't seem to be a developer (?).
Yes, I'm not a developer. I'm just mirroring your software and set up a
machine which does the CDs each day.

> Phil? Richard? Raphael?
I'm sure that Phil will start to make these very soon.

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