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Re: sarge CDs

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 03:20:44PM +0200, Attila Nagy wrote:
> > Three problems:
> > 	(1) they're unoffocial
> Historically, the official stuff was in a big late. 

Yes, that's what we're trying to fix. If you can do it unofficially,
there's no reason we can't have official ones.
> > 	(2) they're not on a .d.o machine
> Hmm. You don't write from a .d.o machine. Your e-mail address is not
> ending with .d.o either.
> BTW, if this is so important, then please s/ftp.fsn.hu/ftp.hu.debian.org/
> and voila. The second criteria is obsolete. :)

It's not a major criteria, but CD images have always seemed to me to be...
kind-of second cousins compared to everything else. The pseudo-image
stuff and jigdo are all kind-of unofficial and not really supported as
well as they should've been, and the images themselves are produced off
in the corner and a bit irregularly. Which has worked okay, but we could
probably do better.

> > 	(3) they're not for all architectures
> That's true. This is because:
> (1) Currently I don't have the needed disk space to mirror all the Debian
>     architectures onto my machine (where the CDs are produced)
> (2) If I would have the space, I still wouldn't have the space to offer
>     these as ISO images (don't blame me, some people like to have them)

Yes. raff.debian.org _does_ have the space for all this and, as
http.us/ftp.d.o already has a copy of the archive. Which is why I'm
happy to take (2) for granted.

> I will make Debian CDs for all architectures when I can offer them as
> downloadable ISO images.

It still strikes me as much more sensible to offer ISOs for just the
first couple of CDs, or just i386, and jigdo images for everything.

> > You don't seem to be a developer (?).
> Yes, I'm not a developer. I'm just mirroring your software and set up a
> machine which does the CDs each day.

Right, but if we could get this fixed just by having you send in a PGP
key and getting you an account on raff, that'd work too. *shrug*

> > Phil? Richard? Raphael?
> I'm sure that Phil will start to make these very soon.

So, Phil, everyone seems to have it in for you...


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