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Re: Debian 3.0 released. Jigdo files available.

On Mon 22 Jul, Richard Atterer wrote:
> Lance and Wookey, any reason why you haven't been using jigdo-mirror?

Not particularly. It's taken a while to get to a state where jigdo-lite works
reliably for me (as I believe I was the first person to actually try using
for real). So now it is working I was just wallowing in the satisfaction of
using something that works for a while before dicking with it and finding out
about some new tool :-)

I've been busy recently and haven't really been keeping up on jigdo-mirror. I
assumed it was for people keeping full CD mirrors, but no doubt it can be
configured to keep partial CD mirrors, which is indeed exactly what I am
doing, so I probably should be using it.

<fx: goes and tries it>

Hmm, that seems pretty good actually. This is indeed a rather better fix than
allowing mulitple files to jigdo-lite. It's into it's 3rd CD now and should
do the whole damn pile all by itself so long as I don't run out of disk

> > Riachard - definately something to add to the wishlist - separate
> > temp files for each CD so you can set several off building in
> > parallel.

> So far I planned to add support for giving >1 jigdo files/URLs as
> input, and have them downloaded one after the other.

That would be handy.

> > I'd also quite like jigdo to tidy up after itself if it has
> > succesfully downloaded an image, the MD5 checks out etc - then it
> > should bin the quite large temp files so as to leave a tidy dir.

> Doesn't it already do this? It only leaves behind the image and the
> .jigdo/.template files! (Oh, and jigdo-file-cache.db, but you can set
> this to e.g. ~/.jigdo-file-cache.db in your ~/.jigdo-lite.)

OK, you're right. Only jigdo-file-cache.db is left. presumably there is a
good reason for this - remind me?

The only thing stopping jigdo from being totally perfect is the lack of docs.
No doubt the howto fixes a lot of this but someone getting round to some more
complete man-pages would be a good thing TM (and no I'm not volunteering)

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