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About the improving of 1st debian CD (there are some 'duplicates', etc.)

Hi again,

I got no answer to my suggestions about improving 1st debian CD and desktop task :(

Maybe debian-cd maintainer can say if 1st CD would include more packages for beginners: hardware autodetection packages, user-friendly package managers, user-friendly configuration tools, etc. and would desktop task be splited into GNOME desktop and KDE desktop tasks ?
I think aptitude and discover must be installed as default in debian woody.

I'm attaching my earlier letter (for clarity):

-----------------------------Earlier letter----------------------------
I found some 'duplicates' in the 1st debian CD:
emacs20-dl_20.7-14.3_i386.deb - ~10MB
emacs20_20.7-13.1_i386.deb - ~9MB
emacs21_21.2-1_i386.deb - ~12MB

I understand - emacs is a very goot thing, but I think 3 different versions
of emacs in the1st CD is a luxury. Maybe only one, newest version, would be
enough  for the 1st CD? Then ~20 Mb will be freed from 1st CD.

I think in the first CD should also be:
  - some good apt frontends. Now there is only dselect in 1st CD. I think
there should be more user-friendly apt frontends: at least one text-mode apt
frontend, like aptitude (1MB) and one graphical, like stormpkg (~100 kb),
see woody release notes -
- " <...> To replace the aging, much-maligned, yet still popular dselect,
many apt frontends have been in development during the woody release cycle.
Interested users should investigate the aptitude package <...> hardware,
better autodetection support";
- most users need automatic hardware detection system (discover - ~150kb, and maybe kudzu + sndconfig)
and user-friendly network configuration tool (etherconf - ~20kb) packages;
  - User-friendly configuration tools, developed by Progeny:
python-configlet (35kb), configlet-frontends (20kb), timezoneconf (30kb),
localeconf (20kb);
  - gnumeric (because KSpread is already in 1st CD, 3MB + some depended
  - xservers-v3.3.6 (14MB).

All these packages (except maybe xservers-v3.3.6) should fit in 1st CD if we
remove some 'duplicates' (like 3 versions of emacs) and maybe some not very
useful for beginners packages (like erlang_8.0-4_i386.deb - 13MB or
libopenh323-dev_1.7.4-6_i386.deb+ libopenh323-dbg_1.7.4-6_i386.deb - 7MB)
I think in 1st CD shouldn't be a lot of *-dev or *-dbg (debug version) packages.

It would be very nice if small and fast window-manager IceWM would be in 1st
CDd too, but it is not a necessity.

In my opinion task "Desktop Environment" should be spitted into 2 tasks:
"GNOME Desktop Environment" and "KDE Desktop Environment", because most
users use mainly one - GNOME or KDE and just sometimes some programs from other.

The installation of Debian will be much more user-friendly and Debian OS
will be simpler to use (especially for the beginners), if the packages,
mentioned above, are included in the 1st Debian CD.

Mantas Kriauciunas <monte@mail.lt>

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