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Re: About the improving of 1st debian CD (there are some 'duplicates', etc.)

Mantas K. wrote:
> I got no answer to my suggestions about improving 1st debian CD and desktop
> task :(

Here is one (not "official", since I am not the debian-cd maintainer).

The current CDs are made basically using the data produced by the
popularity-contest package. Debian is for everybody, not just for
beginners. If package A is more popular than package B, then A is more
likely to be included in CD#1, even if it's less user-friendly than B.

In my opinion this principle is basically right and should not be changed.

I think it's better that we do not try to second-guess our user's
needs based on abstract concepts like "user-friendliness". We can
measure how many people use a package regularly or how many people
have it installed, but we can't measure the user-friendliness.

Regarding emacsen: emacs20-dl has just been excluded from CD #1.
emacs20 and emacs21 are still both very popular. [ BTW: I use emacs20
myself and do not consider it a "duplicate" of emacs21 ].

You mention also some big packages in non-US. I agree that it would be
nice to have them in the second CD, but this would mean a 2nd "non-US" CD
at least. AFAIK, the implications of that have yet to be evaluated.

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