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Re: Re: About the improving of 1st debian CD (there are some 'duplicates', etc.)

Hi again,

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:
>Take care, some packages may be there because they are part of a task.
>Double check that before deciding to exclude a package from CD1.

I know, but we can split task between 1st and 2nd CD or remove for example *-dev packages from task and create one more task for *-dev packages.

I see some people think about TeX in CD#1. TeX is good for advanced users, but most distributions now include in 1st CD packages for beginners, hardware autodetection packages, user-friendly package managers, etc. Then with only one CD you can install a working desktop system. If are advanced user - you can simply install more packages from internet or next CD's. For example I don't use KDE and KOffice at all, but think this is good idea put these packages in 1st CD, because a lot of beginers uses KDE and KOffice. Same is with Gnome. But this is not good, when KSpread is in 1st CD, but Gnumeric only in 2nd. We should think not only about us, advanced users, but about other users, especially beginners, too.

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