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Re: .raw extension is misleading

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 03:22:37PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 14:51, jason andrade wrote:
> > o as a mirror site, where do i produce/get "authoritative" jigdo
> >   files from?
> > o where do i put them ?
> Well, in the absence of a better idea, I settled on /jigdo-area/ for
> the master site, on the basis that that gives me a chance to have
> /images/ in parallel with that, and still have the paths make some
> sort of sense, so I'd imagine that using whatever your currently
> published path is, with jigdo-area on the end, would be consistent
> with this.

Hm, given that the naming scheme will be used on many servers for a
long time, I'll humbly express my personal preference for just
"jigdo/", not "jigdo-area/". (Not that it really matters...)

> > o as a mirror site, do i have to do anything special to support
> >   end users using jigdo ?

No; jigdo is designed to work over plain HTTP/FTP. Actually, in the
long run its aim is to make CD mirrors unnecessary; I hope that the
jigdo files are going to distributed as a part of the regular Debian
mirror one day.

> You should probably make sure that the jigdo files refer to your
> server for the templates (is there a jigdo-mirror script that does
> something along these lines?)

Doing that is hacky - IMHO it's only acceptable as a workaround. The
real solution is to allow template URLs which are relative to the
.jigdo URL, i.e. the jigdo file contains just
"Template=image.template" and when you tell jigdo-lite to fetch
"http://foo/image.jigdo";, it'll create a template URL of

The forthcoming jigdo 0.6.6 release will output relative template URLs
by default, and jigdo-lite/mirror will recognize them. However, Phil,
I'd prefer it if you did not upgrade to 0.6.6 on cdimage, because:

 - it contains 1000 new/changed lines of code, which might contain new
   bugs. Now, immediately before the release, we should play safe...
 - if you make it output relative URLs, I will get killed by Anne,
   because this makes the jigdo files incompatible with jigdo-easy. 
   :-) Anne [CCd], it'd be great if you could add support for it,

> > o as a mirror, do i keep ISO images around anymore ?

If you have the space/bandwidth, please keep them. Some people simply
prefer direct downloads, others cannot get jigdo to work or find it
too complicated, etc...



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