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Re: How to use of jigdo to update raw images?

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 02:15:42PM +0200, Ruben Cuesta wrote:
> "If you already have a previous version of the image you are
> downloading, jigdo can re-use files on the old image that are also
> present on the new image, and you do not need to download them
> again".
> How can I do that? I've tried, running again jigdo-lite, without
> deleting any of the files jigdo wrote, jigdo-file-cache.db,
> woody-i386-3.raw.jigdo.unpacked , and all I obtain is
> "Merging parts from `file:' URIs, if any...
> jigdo-file: Output file `woody-i386-3.raw' already exists - delete
> it or use --force
> jigdo-file failed with code 3 - aborting."

The solution is simply to move the finished files out of the way. E.g. 
once the download is complete, execute

  mkdir old-files
  mv woody* old-files/

(Note that the .jigdo/.template files must also be moved away or
deleted before you attempt to download a newer version with the same

Later, when you want to update the image, loop-mount
old-files/woody-i386-3.raw and pass to jigdo-lite the directory it is
mounted under. jigdo-lite will create ./woody-i386-3.raw using data
from old-files/woody-i386-3.raw.

Hope this helps,


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