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Re: .raw extension is misleading

On 13 May 2002, Philip Hands wrote:

> It looks like it will all become moot with the new jigdo scheme anyway,
> because jigdo creates .iso files, and the rsync mirror setup is not
> really needed any more, so published .raw files are likely to become a
> thing of the past.
> Is this an argument for debian-cd to create .iso files by default?
> Probably.

i'd go with creating .iso files by default - i don't know if the rsync
mirror setup will go away that quickly myself, but i am a stick in the
mud conservative :-)

i am actually still trying to wrap my head around

o as a mirror site, where do i produce/get "authoritative" jigdo files from?

o where do i put them ?

o as a mirror site, do i have to do anything special to support end users
  using jigdo ?

o as a mirror, do i keep ISO images around anymore ?



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