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Re: .raw extension is misleading

On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 14:51, jason andrade wrote:
> i'd go with creating .iso files by default - i don't know if the rsync
> mirror setup will go away that quickly myself, but i am a stick in the
> mud conservative :-)

If it doesn't, I can always create the files as I see fit, so I might
call the "potato_test" bit something like ".rsync-efficiency-hack" and
give the images under there an extension of ".ignore-me"

Alternatively, we could have a mirroring script that gives the option of
using jigdo once the jigdo files are mirrored, and rely on the fact that
enough mirrors will be able to do that to deal with the demand (if there
is one) for full images. 

> i am actually still trying to wrap my head around
> o as a mirror site, where do i produce/get "authoritative" jigdo files from?

cdimage.debian.org (which will probably be raff.debian.org by that time)

> o where do i put them ?

Well, in the absence of a better idea, I settled on /jigdo-area/ for the
master site, on the basis that that gives me a chance to have /images/
in parallel with that, and still have the paths make some sort of sense,
so I'd imagine that using whatever your currently published path is,
with jigdo-area on the end, would be consistent with this.

So, something like:


and potentially


with versioned directories under each.

What do you think?

> o as a mirror site, do i have to do anything special to support end users
>   using jigdo ?

You should probably make sure that the jigdo files refer to your server
for the templates (is there a jigdo-mirror script that does something
along these lines?)

I think attempting to mirror the snapshot area is probably more trouble
than it's worth, so I wouldn't bother with that.

> o as a mirror, do i keep ISO images around anymore ?

It's up to you --- for people that want to use rsync, it might be a
useful service, and would mean that people who cannot manage to get
jigdo to work for whatever reason would still be able to get CDs.

Maybe it's worth seeing if anyone asks for it.

Cheers, Phil.
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